Gunvolt Joins Shovel Knight, Rusty, and More in Runbow

Toronto-based 13AM GAMES has been developing a new title for the Wii U, due on August 27th. Titled Runbow, it's something of a competitive platformer for up to nine players, and will feature a wide cast of characters, many of which are indie game darlings.

Recently revealed among them? None other than Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt:

He'll be joining others such as Commander Video, Rusty, Shovel Knight, Juan and Tostada, and many more as they compete to stay ahead of the game.

Curiously enough, there's no sign of Gunvolt's half-brother (figuratively speaking) Beck from Mighty No. 9. And before anyone says that his game isn't out yet, keep in mind it was supposed to be released only about a month after Runbow before the recent delay occurred, so an inclusion would no doubt have started well before that came up. Go figure.

For more information on this release, be sure to check out 13AM GAMES' page here.

News credit: Pedro Gonzalez