Five Reasons to Import a Famicom

On the Stick's Roger the Retrogaming Puppet is here with a list of five Famicom-exclusive titles that make owning the original Japanese counterpart to the Nintendo Entertainment System -- or at least some way of legitimately playing the games -- a worthwhile investment.

Kicking off the list is Wily and Right no Rockboard - That's Paradise, which Roger admits isn't exactly a stellar game, but is the one Rockman game for the Famicom that never left Japan.

While he notes that it does introduce the world to Wily's bizarre robotic stork Reggae, it also flips the normal Mega Man script of the time by allowing you to play as anyone (among the gathered characters, of course) but Mega Man himself. In the process, there's some light world/character-building to be enjoyed, assuming you can read it.


On a personal note, I've never played it, but would be intrigued to try an English version... maybe as an additional part of a collection (hint) which celebrates the Blue Bomber's NES legacy (hint).

Failing that, maybe Capcom could partner up with an established developer of video board games? I loved Enix's Fortune Street, another Monop-alike. Or could you imagine a game like Mario Party at the core, built around Mega Man characters and concepts? Sure, it wouldn't be a Mega Man 11 or X9, but if Mega Man is really seen as Capcom's "mascot," then it's still not such a bad idea until they get their ducks in a row.