Red Ash Anime Fundraising Continues with 'STUDIO4℃FUN&'

As you may already well know, I don't tend to update on weekends, but I figured this was big enough to warrant it.

Studio 4℃ has fulfilled the recent promise they made at the end of their Kickstarter campaign for the Red Ash -Magicicada- anime to continue seeking funds to be able to turn out a better product. For those who weren't keeping track, the anime Kickstarter was successful where Comcept's video game Kickstarter was not.

Through STUDIO4℃FUN&, we aim to gather $127,118 of $260,000 (2nd goal), and make total 30 min film. Ultimately, we aim to reach all stretch goals to create a 92 min feature film! (The stretch goal plans are set to maintain the quality of feature film animation.)

The fund raising is being performed on this page, which it should be noted is not Kickstarter, so the same rules don't necessarily apply. For instance, "in case both platforms fail to reach the goal, raised fund will still be used to create animation, in proportion to the amount of fund, such as extending runtime, making spin-off story of the main characters, or creating opening animation." This would be in contrast to Kickstarter's "it's either funded or it isn't" approach that sees no money change hands if they don't meet their minimum goal.

Those who donated via Kickstarter, or were unable to do so (such as some international parties), are both able to donate to this new campaign. In the case of Kickstarter backers, there is a tier for adding on to what has already been pledged to "upgrade" to a new reward tier.

Meanwhile, the stretch goals have been altered somewhat for the better from where they were on Kickstarter. For instance, several involving the running time have now been increased. What's more, the potential acceptance of outside ideas seems much more open than before, apparently allowing anyone with an idea -- backer or not -- to contribute:

Of other concern to some may be the involvement of Keiji Inafune and his company, Comcept, who some are displeased with over the handling of their own Kickstarter campaign for the Red Ash game and Mighty No. 9. For what it's worth, there seems to be minimal connection here to anything Inafune/Comcept are doing -- Inafune's name is only mentioned once in connection to the game, rather than the anime.

All the details, including some neat character profiles and image boards like the one seen above, can be found here.

So, what do you think? Does Studio 4℃ have more of your confidence in this project, or are you still wary of anything even remotely connected to Red Ash? Or do you have another opinion? Sound off in the comments!