This Week, Mega Man & Bass Become PALs

So good (?) news for our friends in Europe, as it's been reported that this week's Nintendo eShop releases will contain, among other things, the Game Boy Advance version of Mega Man & Bass for the Wii U Virtual Console.

The iffiness of it being good is, of course, down to the fact that while the screen size was shrunk down for the portable version, the aspect ratio was not. As a result, this takes an already challenging entry in the Mega Man franchise (as in, "challenging even among a game series already regarded as tough") and made it a little more formidable to deal with.

And before anyone gets indignant about what will likely be a sum total of zero Mega Man releases in the North American Nintendo Download this week, a quick reminder that Mega Man & Bass was the first game we received in Mega May earlier this year. So you don't even have to wait until later this week, you can go test your metal mettle now.

Source: Nintendo Life, via Vhyper1985