Comcept and Studio 4°C Officially Reveal RED ASH Game and Anime Kickstarter Projects

I would not normally handle this in such a way, but as I'm away from my computer until tomorrow and using my phone (the SquareSpace app is terrible for this), I'm just posting the press release from Comcept here directly. Maybe I'll polish it up later.



From the press release:

comcept Inc. (CEO: Keiji Inafune) has revealed the RED ASH project in collaboration with Studio 4°C (President: Eiko Tanaka) during a joint panel at Anime Expo 2015. RED ASH is a joint effort from legendary Japanese game creators and an animation studio, encompassing RED ASH "The Indelible Legend", spearheaded by Keiji Inafune and his team made up of key members of the original Mega Man Legends development team, and Red Ash "Magiciada", headed by the legendary animation studio Studio  4°C who are known for animated films such as MEMORIES (1995), SPRIGGAN (1998), Berserk: Golden Age Arc (2012), and work on Western properties such as ThunderCats, ANIMATRIX, BATMAN: Gotham Knight, and Halo Legends.

The RED ASH project will be launched as two separate Kickstarters. Fans can choose between game or anime --or both!-- to support and follow real-time as both projects go into production. Backers will be able to participate in the creation of enemies, name characters and places, vote on designs, meet the creators, tour the studios, and much more.

■ The RED ASH Collaboration

These RED ASH projects will share character concepts and the world of treasure hunters who seek treasure and feral robots who hunt humans. The visionary creators at each studios will imagine their own unique take on the RED ASH property.

This type of collaboration is an unprecedented challenge the likes of which have never been seen before, where both the game and animation studios create parallel worlds without limitations based on a core vision. 

■ The Kickstarter goal

For RED ASH "The Indelible Legend" from comcept, the Kickstarter will fund "The KalKanon Incident", the key prologue to the RED ASH universe. The revenue made from "The KalKanon Incident" will launch the development of the full RED ASH title. comcept is asking for the support of their fans, in order to make "The KalKanon Incident" as great of a game as they possibly can, and launch the property going forward.

 ■ The World of RED ASH

In the aftermath of the Robot World War,
humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.
The few that remain have managed to persevere and survive, battling feral robotic weapons at every turn. 

With the help of Lost Technology, humanity has started to rebuild and some even live in opulence in the newly formed cities.

However, their livelihoods are supported by the brave fools who hunt the dangerous underground ruins for Lost Technology. These people are known simply as Delvers.

■ Story

Gecko Company, one of the organizations central to Great Slope, has prepared a massive electromagnetic cannon christened "the Peacemaker" to combat this catastrophe. They announced their plan to destroy the massive Fortress-City before it reaches the settlement. Great Slope quickly switches from a city enveloped in panic, to one ready to sit back and enjoy the fireworks of the special, once-in-a-lifetime Burning Cannon Festival. However, not everyone welcomes this announcement; particularly the young owner of the Bones Company, Call C. Bones. All Delvers have heard the famous folktale... that inside the belly of KalKanon rests the Legendary Legacy...

"I think we should grab the treasure for ourselves, before those rich blowhards blow the whole dang place sky-high!" 

"We have about 14 hours left until KalKanon is within firing range of the Peacemaker." 

"Hop on over there, grab anything you can get your grubby little hands on, and hurry on back! Simple, huh?" 

 "This is an official offer from the Bones Company. You got 3 minutes before we head out!"Of course, she sends the request for this crazy job to her favorite stooges: partners Beck and Tyger.

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