Red Ash Kickstarter Content Goals and Other Updates

With only 66 hours left to go on the Red Ash Kickstarter (as of this writing), a few last-minute updates have come down the pipe for those interested.

The biggest one, of course, would be the revision of the content goals funded by Kickstarter announced when Comcept revealed that FUZE Entertainment would be handling the funding for other aspects of the project. As you can see in the graphic at right, FUZE is handling all chapters of Red Ash: The KalKanon Incident as well as the ports to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This means that for the Kickstarter itself, the stretch goals have been bumped down a bit. Now the original $800,000 goal is to unlock the EX Mode: Challenge Dungeon ("longer and more dangerous than any of the dungeons in the rest of the game," with new enemies and traps throughout), make Tyger a playable character (whose experience and technical knowledge will allow him to reach places Beck cannot), and to get Call & Gofer to reconstruct the village:

This is a mode that will unlock upon completing the game. There is very little chance that the village on KalKanon will survive this entire incident intact, and Call won’t let a business chance like that pass by! Together with Gofer, she will work with the villagers to reconstruct the village in this special light-hearted post-game event/gameplay.

Unfortunately, things are not looking good for any of these to come to pass. Following the announcement by Comcept of FUZE's participation, Game Informer reports that the Kickstarter has actually started going backwards, with the over $489,000 already gathered dropping by $2,000. As of this writing, the amount pledged is sitting at $484,350, meaning it's dropped even further since Game Informer's initial report.

It may be worth reminding everyone that Kickstarter is pretty much all-or-nothing. In other words, if they don't reach their goal, they can't just use whatever was pledged anyway, and no one who backed the project will be charged anything (and, of course, won't receive the rewards they were in line for).

In other news out of the Red Ash game Kickstarter, the character of Natasha has been "elected" by backers as mayor of the in-game village, with the others still to appear as residents.

For those who pledged with the hope of receiving a copy of the game, Comcept offers some clarification. Those who contributed $25 or more for a digital copy of The KalKanon Incident will receive it for their platform of choice -- PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. Those who went for the "Digital Combo Complete" pledge of $79+ will receive a digital copy of The KalKanon Incident and The New Order Conspiracy, aka "the main game" as they are ready for release.

As for everything else? That remains the same: "You will earn whatever rewards you have originally pledged for, and all $79+ pledges will get The New Order Conspiracy as a special bonus. And if you were one of the backers who upgraded their pledge to $49+ during our special campaign day, you'll receive the main story as well."

Finally, for those wondering how Studio 4℃'s anime Kickstarter is doing? Far better, with $123,045 pledged by 1,502 backers towards their goal of $150,000 with the same 66 hours left remaining. They've had some updates to their reward tiers, including some figures, and you can find out about that here.