Worlds Unite Weekly Reviews, Part 6: Sonic Boom #9

by Mighty No. X

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This issue starts with Sticks leading the charge against Sigma’s army. Armed with their weapons of choice, the heroes charge into battle and face a variety of Mechaniloids from X’s past battles with Sigma. Mega Man, Sonic, and the majority of their allies fly into the battle with gusto, but Fastidious Beaver and Comedy Chimp flee at the first possible opportunity. After destroying a bee Mechaniloid using her boomerang, Sticks chases after them.

As Sticks chases after her comrades, the other heroes easily overwhelm the weaker Mechaniloids. Unfortunately, the Navigators notify them of the impending arrival of more serious forces including the Deadly Six.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light prefers Metallica and Cossack listens to Winger.

The digital Freedom Fighter Nicole does double duty as Navigator and guard to prevent betrayal at the hands of Eggman and Wily. Although the scientists loudly protest that the paranoia is unnecessary, they quietly remark that they know the location of escape pods, and believe they can get access to Sigma’s master engine with or without the Sky Patrol surviving.

"I get gas easily, and it's a sensitive issue, thank you very much!"

The team easily takes down the dragon Mechaniloid (Eregion, the intro stage boss from Mega Man X4) without an issue, but the Deadly Six pose much more of a challenge. Indeed, X asks Sally to have everyone avoid the Deadly Six and keep focusing on the Mechaniloids.

On Lost Hex, Sigma continues to gloat; even if his combatants are taken down, he’ll just revive a few more in their place.

The heroes regroup and cooperate to take down the Deadly Six. Sonic distracts Zavok and allows X and Mega Man to land strong Buster shots on him; Flash Man uses his signature weapon to give Rotor the time to strike Zero; Wood Man gives Knuckles his Leaf Shield to let him get close to Zazz and land an uppercut punch.

Sure, controlling two at once is impressive and all, but can you manage this many? Gauntlet status: Thrown.

The villains collapse, seemingly exhausted, and the Maverick Hunters realize the Zeti are ruled by the Sigma Virus through the armor. Zero asks if they should be killed, but X (of course) tries to talk to them and begs them to surrender.

The Deadly Six use this interlude to activate their machine-controlling ability, and all of the Mega Man characters from across eras find their bodies (but not their minds) at the will of the sinister sextet. Mega Man watches, shocked, as he blasts Sonic with a buster shot.

Meanwhile, Sticks tries to retrieve her friends, fails, attempts to aid Sonic and Mega Man, and ends up falling off the Sky Patrol. All would be lost, if a Genesis portal didn’t conveniently open up for her to fall into. Arriving in a human city, she encounters a fighter on the street…


Flynn is always good at integrating characters from different series in combat, and his work here is no exception. Seeing the characters team up to outwit the Deadly Six feels natural and true to all of the various heroes and anti-heroes involved.

It was disturbing to see the Deadly Six have Mega Man shoot himself back in the Battle Book issue, and seeing him injure Sonic is just as surprising here. We’re dealing with a Mega Man whose body is no longer three-laws compliant but whose mind is just as moralistic as ever, and I’m interested in seeing the outcome.

What I’m thinking about most isn’t what is in the issue as much as what isn’t. So far everything has been contained to the main franchises, with nary a guest character in sight. We’re midway through the entire crossover, and halfway through the second act. We know Chun-Li is going to show up in the next issue, but we only have six issues left to introduce 12 franchises.

That’s two per issue, and I’d bet that the last issue will be entirely dedicated to Super Sonic/Super Mega Man/Super X/Super Sticks etc. If true, this means there will be at least one issue that introduces three or more universes. I don’t know what the rest of Worlds Unite will be, but I can promise you it will be quite the ride.

Easter Egg Watch:

  • None really to speak of in this issue. Did you find any?


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