Mega Man: The Board Game Continues Moving Forward

Jasco Games reports that they've hit a new milestone in the production of Mega Man: The Board Game: Approval of the graphics being used in the game!

The issue with this came up in another recent update posted to their Kickstarter page, which also mentioned a new producer for Mega Man at Capcom. Whether this individual has anything to do with new games or simply signs off on projects like this is unclear, so I'm waiting for more information (or even a name) before going all-out on any big posts regarding the matter.

In any case, it seems Capcom has had some difficulty discerning which art on the faces of the dice is and isn't official (it wouldn't be the first time), slowing things down a bit. But it looks like they've made it through that step in the process.

This brings the project one more step towards completion, though Capcom still wants to see a pre-production sample, provided it doesn't cause further delays. In either case, due to such processes, a second-quarter release isn't happening after all.

While they try to find out when they'll have the game, they've provided a copy of the rules for everyone to look over in the meantime.

Oh, and for the highest backers (of which there are only eight), there will be a unique game piece included in their sets, which you can see at right. Before it reached that point, however, some modifications had to be made, and you can read about those here (with more pictures, including what needed to be adjusted).