Mighty No. 9 Platform Surveys are Underway

Thanks to a tip from Michael S, we've got word that the Mighty No. 9 platform surveys that Comcept mentioned a couple of weeks ago are now on their way to backers' inboxes. There was apparently a technical issue delaying them, and there is now a new deadline as a result.

Details from Comcept's website regarding the updated rules, etc. are as follows:

1) The Official Platform Selection Surveys are being sent out via SurveyMonkey over the next 4 days or so.
2) The Official Platform Selection Surveys will be open until the new deadline, July 31st, 2015.
3) We will make available all current information we have regarding each platform version of Mighty No. 9, to be updated as more details are set in stone.
4) To accommodate any backers who may change platforms as time goes on--due to new console-specific information, console purchases, etc.--backers will be able to change their platform selection(s) up until the survey deadline.
If you have not received your survey by Saturday, July 4th, please contact us as mightyno9@comcept.jp, subject line “Mighty Platform Selection Survey”.