Mega Man Star Force Comes to Neon Alley

It's a day few thought would ever come...

Viz has announced in a press release that the Mega Man Star Force anime is now available to view on their Neon Alley streaming service, "as well as through mobile devices and game systems through the Hulu Plus subscription service"... that is, if you're in the United States. For those in Canada, all you can expect to see upon trying to view it is the following message:

For our members & fans in Canada: 
We will soon have an announcement as to how you too will be able to access all of the great Neon Alley content for free!

Incidentally, unless I'm mistaken, that message has been on their site for a while now, and I don't think it's going anywhere soon, frustrating as that can be.

The source -- or for those in the States, the relief -- of that frustration comes from the follow-up to MegaMan NT Warrior originally airing in Japan for 76 episodes from 2006 to 2008. It would see a Stateside debut of 13 episodes in 2007, albeit on the short-lived Toonami Jetstream service (also exclusive to the States), as well as a condensed "movie" presentation on Cartoon Network proper. While the episodes were rounded up for a Region 2 DVD release in Europe, no other releases were forthcoming in North America, online or off.

With any luck, perhaps some sort of deal will happen that will see the anime released in Canada, or at least a DVD release for North America in general.

In addition to Mega Man Star Force, the press release also boasts "fresh-from-Japan simulcasts" of the shows Naruto Shippuden on Thursdays and Sailor Moon Crystal on Saturdays, June 6th and June 20th. In addition, subtitled episodes 110 and 111 from the third season of Sailor Moon, aka Sailor Moon S, are now available, with two new episodes debuting each Monday.

You know, in case you were interested in that as well.