Miss Capcom Unity's Mega Man Legacy Collection Livestream?

The 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone, and as announced previously, Capcom Unity streamed live gameplay footage of Mega Man Legacy Collection over the course of the event by way of their Twitch TV channel.

Fortunately, if you didn't catch it the first time, it's currently archived on Twitch, and you can see the full hour of game time right here.

Among other things, they show off several of the neat features going into this collection of Classic Mega Man goodness, such as the borders for each game and three different settings: one for high definition television display, and two meant to emulate a monitor and a standard definition television display, respectively.

One thing pointed out during the stream by PStart on Twitter was that some of the colors aren't quite matching up correctly in all modes:

According to Other Ocean's Keith Kaisershot, this is because "The challenge menu thumbnail was created before NTSC color grading was implemented," and "We're emulating a lot of CRT values: bleed, saturation, etc. Still tuning during beta."

With that issue aside, how is this collection looking to you so far? Has the demonstration changed your mind on whether or not this is worth a purchase?