Sigma is Ready to Reap in New Project X Zone 2 Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS cross-company crossover known as Project X Zone 2 has been unleashed upon the world at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo, highlighting a variety of new characters and gameplay footage:

On the Mega Man front, there's not too much to report. X and Zero are still front and center as the playable representatives for the franchise, and no one else from the Blue Bomber barracks has reported for playable duty. However, there is a familiar face you'll get to wail on.

As seen bouncing off the walls from the Maverick Hunter onslaught in the trailer is Mr. Worlds Unite himself, Sigma. This time out, he is once again sporting his Mega Man X4 "grim reaper" duds, which kind of follows from all the love that game got the last time around.

More is sure to come as we head towards the game's fourth-quarter release this year, and we'll keep you up to date -- at least where matters of Mega Man are concerned.