Kid Robot's SDCC Mega Man Exclusives Revealed

Normally, I'd just wait and post these on Monday, but since I have no idea how busy I'm going to end up being that week, I figured it's best to just get a couple of lingering stories out of the way now.

Following Archie's reveal of their San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) exclusive cover for Mega Man #50, we have more Blue Bomber news from Kid Robot that, interestingly enough, is rather lacking in blue.

You've seen these before -- well, sort of. The Mega Man figure, you've seen in his normal colors, while Break Man here has a completely new head sculpt versus the Proto Man version you would normally be able to get.

These seven-inch figures are going for $49.99 apiece, which is actually a pretty good deal for a convention exclusive, given the regular versions go for $44.99. And even if you're not up for Mega Man himself, more Break Man is seldom a bad thing.

Thanks for the tip, Baph!

Source: San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog