Worlds Unite Weekly Reviews, Part 3: Sonic the Hedgehog #273

by Mighty No. X

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We pick up right where we left off last time, with Sonic Man terrorizing Mega Man’s world while installing a Unity Engine. The main battle between Sonic Man and the Light Robot Masters will apparently be shown in full in one of the “Battle Books,” but it’s clear that things did not turn well for the Light Brigade.

Guts Man, Ice Man, and Elec Man are down, and they are soon joined by Bomb Man, Time Man, and Fire Man. Not only is Sonic Man fast, but his weapons are extremely powerful and he can switch between them so rapidly as to effectively shoot two types of weapons at once.  Meanwhile, Dr. Light calls into action the eight Wily Robot Masters who chose to live back in Mega Man #49, as well as Quake Woman.

One cat you don't want in your lap.

Things are going just about as badly for the heroes in Mobotropolis over in Sonic’s world. M’egga Man is equipped with a vast range of weaponry from Eggman’s past, and the Freedom Fighters don’t stand a chance. Although Big the Cat succeeds in temporarily smothering M’egga Man, even he cannot keep him down. In desperation they summon Gemerl, a since-reprogrammed robotic antagonist of the game Sonic Advance 3.   

You and me and the Yellow Devil makes three... wait, he's not actually here, is he?

The Wily robots think they have a trump card up their sleeves with Flash Man’s Time Stopper, but Sonic Man manages to break out of it and incapacitate everyone else. All seems lost until Break Man arrives on the scene, warping the others back to Light Labs and leaving him and Sonic Man alone.

Gemerl and Break Man oppose M’egga Man and Sonic Man in an impressive sequence where the fights unfold in parallel. For example, as Gemerl tries to get past M’egga Man’s shield, Sonic Man attempts to penetrate through the Proto Shield. Unfortunately, both heroes fail and Sonic Man and M’egga Man emerge victorious. 

M'egga Man will be the one to put the 1 in 21-1.

Sigma is delighted, of course, as the two worlds will unite with each other and give him the power he needs. So are Eggman and Wily; as the two bank on Sonic and Mega Man restoring each other and bringing the fight to Sigma. Right on cue, just as Sonic Man and M’egga Man install their respective Unity Engines a portal opens up  between the worlds, and Sonic Man and M’egga Man prepare to fight each other.


Perhaps what was most surprising about this issue was that there wasn’t really any surprise at all, so I don’t really have too much to say. Gemerl’s arrival was unexpected, certainly, but in the end the two mind-controlled heroes accomplish their objectives as commanded. As a result, the real interest in this issue comes from the little details, and Flynn did a great job in that respect.

Sonic Man and M’egga Man may not have the most stellar designs, but Flynn succeeded in envisioning what Sonic and Mega Man might do if they were the final bosses of a platforming title. Just like in the games, M’egga Man relies on having a wide arsenal of attacks, while Sonic Man relies on his speed just as much as he does on his weaponry.

I’m a little disappointed that this issue was so predictable, and I can certainly predict what will happen in Worlds Unite part 4 as well, but hopefully things will get more dynamic starting with the second act.

Easter Egg Watch:

  • All of M’egga Man’s weapons are taken from classic boss battles in the Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games. The attacks are references to the bosses of Green Hill Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, Angel Island Zone, and Metropolis Zone,. I’m not sure what the “Egg Bubble Trap” attack is drawing upon, but I think it might be from the Tidal Tempest Zone boss of Sonic CD.  
  • I don’t think Sonic Man’s attacks are directly inspired by Wily bosses in the same way, but his “Spin Slash” move is similar to Silver Sonic’s jump attack in the Death Egg Zone of Sonic 2 for the Genesis.

Evolution is a mystery... full of changes no one sees.

  • This may just be entirely coincidental, but Sigma’s pose as he discusses the fusion of the two worlds is similar to M. Bison’s pose in the infamous “Yes! Yes!” clip from the old Street Fighter TV series.
  • After their evil bro-fist during Worlds Collide, Eggman and Wily share a “silent bro-fist” (that’s literally what is written on the page) while quietly discussing their private agenda.


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