Mega May Kicks Off with Mega Man & Bass

"Mega May" has officially begun! The ballots have been tallied, and in addition to the surprise release of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne in the PlayStation Store this week, kicking things off is...

...Mega Man & Bass! Which should come as no surprise to you if you looked at the headline. More surprising, though, would be that of the four choices, this one was picked to be first.

Long seen by fans as "Mega Man 9," this title was originally released on the Super Famicom in Japan after its western counterpart, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, had effectively packed it in. As such, the game was considered something of a "lost treasure" for a number of years, thanks in no small part to being the first home video game platformer of the series to allow players to use someone besides the Blue Bomber, as well as its extensive collectible CD database of character profiles.

In 2003, the game finally found its way westward by way of a port to the Game Boy Advance, which is the version released for the Wii U Virtual Console today. In the process, the specifications of the hardware-- that is, a lower resolution screen and fewer buttons-- meant that sacrifices had to be made to both the field of view and the controls for Bass, making this the less-desirable version of an already challenging game to play.

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