Mega May Wraps Up with a Bit of a Surprise

The final release of Mega May is, of course...

...Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun and Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon!

The fourth game in the Mega Man Battle Network series takes the "two version" aspect to a new level by providing two rather unique experiences built around the same core story. While an asteroid is approaching the Earth and scientists are searching out a way to destroy it (which, of course, involves networks and things), many of the subplots and key characters found throughout differ -- not just between versions, but between repeated playthroughs as well!

While you can stop after the story wraps up, you won't have seen everything until you've played both games three times -- on the one hand, that makes the games a pretty good value in one way, but a subject of criticism just the same.

Other new features include the Dark Chips, which grant great power but at a cost, and the new DoubleSoul forms, which allow MegaMan.EXE to take on the powers of other NetNavis.

With that, we've reached the end of Mega May, and -- wait, what's that?

There's one more game?

In a surprise twist, Capcom and Nintendo have also released Mega Man Zero 3 to the North American Nintendo eShop to wrap up Mega May!

This is the first installment of the Zero series to eschew the leveling-up system for Zero's weapons, and overall feels perhaps the most like a classic Mega Man X title. Dr. Weil returns to Neo Arcadia with the legendary Reploid Omega in tow, and it seems he has answers to many of Zero's questions.

Originally intended to be the end of the series, this installment answers a number of questions and also brings in a variety of foes both new and familiar to fans of the Mega Man Zero games.

Now that brings Mega May to a close, and as always, you can find the rest of the Nintendo Download over at Mario's Hat. For a send-off, here are the commercials for these two games:

Yeah, not much to speak of compared to the previous ones. How about this?