Mega May Carries on with Mega Man Zero 2

The third release for Mega May is...

...Mega Man Zero 2!

The second game in Zero's own far-flung future saga eschewed much of what set its predecessor apart from the rest of the Mega Man series, such as the free-roaming world, but it did keep much of what made the original great, including the engaging story and characters. Of course, depending on who you ask, retaining the almost merciless gameplay could fall into either camp, though at least a proper lives system was introduced, as well as a new weapon: The Chain Rod!

Fortunately for those interested in taking in the story and sights, the Wii U Virtual Console's Restore Points should make getting through a bit more bearable.

For many fans, this is the best in the series, as it manages to temper some of the unevenness of the original title while introducing a new villain, some unique stages, and the new Form System, which helps accommodate the way you prefer to play. For instance, if you favor ranged fighting with the Buster Shot, you might end up with the blue X Form, which lets you fire more shots while altering your Saber-swinging ability.

You can find the rest of the Nintendo Download over at Mario's Hat, and we'll be back next week for the 4th and final entry for this Mega May. In the meantime, for an encore of last week, here's the Japanese Rockman Zero 2 commercial:

And for a bit of extra fun, I always enjoyed McBain's MegaZpeed speedrun music videos, so here's the one for this game -- played to Zero's theme, of course.