Capcom Recap Spotlights Two Mega Man X Games Played at Once

At least one of these is something I should have tackled previously, but at least now I get to kill two Pipis with one Power Stone. (See, it's funny because I'm using Mega Man terms! Laugh! Laugh already!!)

Anyway: For the past few months, Capcom Unity has been sporadically posting to their YouTube channel something they call the "Capcom Recap," which works as follows:

Did you do something cool, clever, or funny in a Capcom game (old or new)? Email us at with:
-A YouTube link.
-Brief description of why the video is remarkable, as well as any relevant timestamps.
Or tweet it at us with #capcomrecap.
Capcom Recap is a biweekly recap of Capcom news and community feats. Commentary is provided by Capcom USA's in-house community team: Peter Rosas, Yuri Araujo, Brett Elston, and Greg Moore.

The reason for not posting any of these until now is simply because... well, there haven't been any with Mega Man content until now! (In hindsight, maybe bringing up the program in general would have helped rectify that, but who would have thought it would take so long? ...don't answer that.)

This week's edition features a splendid feat: Aura Puffs playing through both Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 at the same time, using the same controller inputs!

Go to 2:35 in the video above to see that portion of the Capcom Recap, and if you want to view the whole run in its entirety, click right here.