Jack In! Mega May Continues with Mega Man Battle Network 3

The second week of Mega May is here, and this week's release is...

...Mega Man Battle Network 3! Both the White and Blue versions, no less!

While some viewed the first two installments of the Mega Man Battle Network series as "Mega Man crossed with Pokemon," it wasn't until the third game in the series that Capcom themselves seemed to really take that notion to heart. Thus, two versions were produced: a regular version, and a later variation known dubbed Rockman.EXE 3 Black. When localized, both versions were released simultaneously as Mega Man Battle Network 3 White and Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue, respectively.

Though the core content of the games are largely the same, there are differences spread throughout in terms of Battle Chips and Style Changes which can be acquired. Furthermore, one part of the game features two different bosses depending on the version: MistMan.EXE in White, and BowlMan.EXE in Blue. Plus, Mr. Famous appears with a Punk.EXE NetBattle in the latter version, too.

For the rest of this week's Nintendo Download, head over to Mario's Hat and get the lowdown on everything else. And as a fun bonus, here's the Japanese commercial for Rockman.EXE 3 and a cool fan-made opening for the game as well.