Mega Merch Round-Up! amiibo Update, Bass Plush, and Mega Palico

It's time for merchandising! Merchandising! Still no sign of the Mega Man branded flame thrower yet, however.

First up, I've heard some varying things regarding the availability of the Mega Man amiibo figures. Some say they have a hard time finding one, others have said they're abundant.

Whatever the case, a tip from Michael S points us to a TechnoBuffalo article which says that both the Blue Bomber and the sword-wielding Shulk are due to see replenishment of their supplies. Nintendo has recently apologized for the figure shortages and said they would be making attempts to better meet the demand; this could be a part of that rectification.

From Vhyper1985, we learn that if you've long been craving an official Bass plush to call your own, today is your day!

Or rather, June 30th will be your day, as that is the date that GE Animation's new Bass plush is scheduled to hit online retailers such as AAA Anime (though GE's own site says that it's available now). Their price is $23.99, and he'll be joining the likes of Mega Man, Rush, X, Zero, and an upcoming Proto Man, whose date is to be determined.

Funny thing: Mega Man, Rush, and Bass are all affiliated with Mega Man 10 specifically, which stands to reason, being the most recent game in the series. X and Zero, on the other hand, are branded with Mega Man X4 -- far from the most recent game in the series, or even the last to use their iconic appearances. Meanwhile, Proto Man is simply labeled as being from Mega Man.

One other aside: I received the Rush plush as a Festivus gift, and the quality seems pretty solid, if you're looking for any sort of affirmation of quality. You might not want to get too rough with them, but they seem sturdy enough for light to medium-rough play.

Finally, by way of Protodude's Rockman Corner: You know that Palico Mega Man armor that just came out for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS? It has its own figure now, too!

It's just one of many, and it's available exclusively from e-Capcom, but it is nonetheless a Mega Man item you can purchase! Well, sort of. It's blind-boxed, so not only must you go through Capcom's Japanese e-retailer storefront to get it, but also deal with the perils of blind-boxed goods as well.

Of course, someone is bound to sell an opened one on eBay or Amazon, right? Or maybe with any luck, the western Capcom Store will get them at some point?

The figure is part of a set, of course, including the Mario and Luigi costumes as well. The whole lot will be available August 25th, and the whole kit 'n kaboodle will run you about 7,290 yen (including tax), or about $60.81 USD.