Mega Man Zero 4 Goes to Europe, and Battle Network, Too... er, 2!

After all the scorn and jealousy North Americans have received over the most recent "Mega May," it would seem that Capcom of Europe has taken some pity on their own and are making things up to them with not one, but two Mega Man Virtual Console releases on their side of the pond!

First up is Mega Man Zero 4, the final installment of the Mega Man Zero series developed by Inti Creates for the Game Boy Advance. As Zero, you'll take on Dr. Weil's forces with your familiar saber, buster, and shield boomerang weapons, as well as the all-new Z-Knuckle, which takes the legendary adaptability of the Mega Man lineage to a new level.

Hot on the heels of the release of the third chapter back in March, it looks like even Japan doesn't have this one yet!

Then there is Mega Man Battle Network 2, the sequel that some consider the best of the entire Mega Man Battle Network series. New abilities such as the custom Style Changes are introduced to enhance MegaMan.EXE's fighting power as he and Lan hunt down the truth behind the evil organization known as Grave -- er, Gospel.

Also, where else are you going to see an 11-year old freestyle rap for whiskey?

The aughts were a strange time.

Both games will be available on Thursday, May 14 for €6.99 / £6.29.

News Credit: Nintendo Life, via Vhyper1985