Mega Man, Mega Myth... Mega Shill?

This could potentially end up being nothing, at least as far as Mega Man is concerned. Nonetheless, the possibilities here were too interesting to let this story pass by unnoticed.

According to a story from MediaPost via SEGAbits, both SEGA and Capcom are teaming up with the New York-based GameBridge, a new agency who will license characters from popular video games "for use in advertising content and ad campaigns."

GameBridge will act as an agent for its licensing partners, negotiating deals between advertisers, their agencies and the IP holders of the respective video game characters. The New York-based shop debuts with two clients, SEGA and Capcom, representing characters that include Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li and characters from Resident Evil.
GameBridge will also partner strategically with Sumthing Else to provide music licensing services to its clients.

"Our goal in founding GameBridge is to leverage these opportunities and pair our licensed characters with familiar consumer brands,” Uterano told MediaPost, who notes that they chose the name "GameBridge" because "it serves as a ‘bridge’ for brands to get into gaming characters, and vice versa."

So while there are no specific plans to use Mega Man that have been announced, the Blue Bomber is nonetheless an icon with a certain prominence that probably places him above other characters from Capcom's portfolio as a public face, and the possibility is pretty strongly there with this partnership.

Hey, maybe someday we'll see Mega Man telling us to recharge our energy with a nice, cold, refreshing Peps-E Tank?