Worlds Unite Prelude Preview and Interview (Update: Make That PreviewS, Plural)

We mentioned earlier that this Saturday, May 2nd will be Free Comic Book Day, and Archie Comics is taking part with a special "flip book" featuring some lead-in material to the upcoming Worlds Unite crossover event.

If you can't wait that long to check it out, then you'll be happy to know that IGN has an interview with Archie Action editor Vin Lovallo about the preview and the event itself. A few items of note:

IGN: Worlds Unite is getting a prologue chapter in the form of a FCBD special this weekend. What can fans expect from that comic? Does it directly set up the story, or is it more about introducing the various players involved?
Lovallo: It’s a bit of both! The FCBD “Worlds Unite” Prelude is a flipbook. One side features a Sonic-centric story that helps to set up the concept of the Genesis Portals! As previously noted, they serve as an important plot element in the overall Worlds Unite story. The other side features a Mega Man-centric story focusing on the background of Xander Payne, a villain from the Mega Man comic series. Xander was the one who first hinted to the readers that the second crossover was coming: back during our “Dawn of X” storyline in Mega Man issue 37-40. Both of these elements tie directly into the crossover, making the FCBD issue a great jumping on point for newcomers interested in “Worlds Unite” while also presenting new content for the long-time fans to enjoy.
IGN: Worlds Collide wound up having a pretty significant impact on the Sonic comics. Will the same be true for Worlds Unite?
Lovallo: Yes, there will definitely be repercussions as well as other elements that are established in “Worlds Unite” that will become key in the Sonic comic storylines following the crossover.
IGN: By the same token, the Mega Man characters were left with little memory of the events of Worlds Collide. Does Mega Man’s role in this sequel make him a good stand-in for new readers who might not be familiar with these comics or the previous crossover?
Lovallo: I’d say so. Those who are only reading this crossover are in the same boots as the Blue Bomber. Though, it won’t take long for newbies to figure out who’s who and what’s what. We try to make things as clear as possible so that new readers and long-time fans alike can follow the story without any confusion.

Just click here to check it all out, then here to find out how to get your own copy (and so much more)!

Update: I didn't realize it before, but there are actually two previews featured here! Click on the slideshow for the Sonic Universe cover if you want a nice little tease of post-Mega Man X7 and Mega Man Classic action! Thanks, Squeakyboots13!