X Renders Released from Kiboshed Maverick Hunter Game

You might recall a couple of years ago when word came out about a first-person shooter based on the Mega Man X series called "Maverick Hunter."

Developed by Armature Studios, a group comprised of former Retro Studios talent who had worked on Metroid Prime, there has been some back and forth as to whether the game was truly "cancelled," or if it was ever given the proper go-ahead to begin with following the pitch. Either way, it's not happening.

As tends to happen with the passage of time, further insight into what could have been has come to light. Most recently, artist Jaehoon Kim has posted some renders of what X would have looked like to his website portfolio. Check them out:

Interestingly enough, somewhere between Kim posting them and Destructoid reporting on them to sites Nintendo Everything and Nintendo Enthusiast sharing the story, an additional piece of art has joined the lot that is not on Kim's "Maverick Hunter" page:

"My name is X. You can see it written on my face."

Thanks to Michael S for the tip!