Proto Man to the Left of Us, X to the Right...

Perhaps I ought to tag this post "Figure Friday." No... on second thought, that would be stupid.

They're really more like statues than figures.

Regardless, two stories have come from one source, Mr. Vhyper1985, regarding two items from two companies in two countries based on two different branches of the timeline.

Maybe I should have just waited for "2sday" to post this.

Anyway, First 4 Figures is back at it again, this time letting one and all know that pre-orders will be open for the new Proto Man piece of their Mega Man Classic collection on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015. How much will it, or even just the pre-order be? No clue; the only other info left on their Facebook is the following image:

On the other side of the world, we've already covered the opening of pre-orders for X-Plus Toys' "Gigantic"-sized Mega Man X figure at AmiAmi, but Ucchy-san has added many more pictures to the Rockman Unity blog, including this image of the prototype next to the previously-released Mega Man figure:

The rest, however, are in full color, and you can see the whole lot here.