Azure Striker Gunvolt Strikes Again with Update, Demo, and Theme

Mere days after Inti Creates announced that a sequel to Azure Striker Gunvolt would be forthcoming, they've released an update... to the original game.

"Version 1.2," as it's called, adds some new gameplay and song elements to the title as follows, per the official website:

  • Support for the New Nintendo 3DS(TM): Use ZL/ZR Buttons to change weapons and enjoy faster load times, improved overall performance, etc.
  • A new Boss Rush Mission is now playable: Earn 1000 Kudos to hear "Eternal Blue", the English version of Lumen's Beyond the Blue song!
  • Lumen's brand new song "Sakura Efflorescence" has been added to the list of songs available in normal mission playthroughs.
  • The ending theme song has been changed to Joule's new song "Cyanotype".
  • Various bugs have been fixed.
  • Some script errors have been corrected.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes have been implemented as well.

What's more, there is now an official demo version available to those who do not yet own the game. Better still, should you like what you see, you can transfer your data from your first playthrough of the demo to the full version of the game upon purchasing it.

For those in Europe wondering what this means for them, Inti Creates posted to the Official Gunvolt Twitter account that "the demo version version is only available in NA. It'll be available in EU the same day as the full game when that releases".

Finally, the Theme Shop for the Nintendo 3DS has also added a new theme called "Azure Stiker Gunvolt: Sumeragi 7" for you to download and use to decorate your system's home screen.