New Images of TruForce Collectibles' X Figure Show Off Intricate Detailing

Things have come full circle for TruForce Collectibles' unique rendition of Mega Man X. First revealed in a drawn format one year ago today on April Fool's, the joke ended up being on the nonbelievers (not that anyone could be blamed for being skeptical), the company has revealed today the official painted prototype of the figure that the efforts of many a Kickstarter backer have helped see production.

Over on TruForce's Facebook page is a 10-image gallery of the figure, along with the following information:

This is no April's Fools joke...TruForce Collectibles is proud to present the official first look of our X figure! Designed by Capcom and crafted with meticulous care, this figure serves as the ultimate Mega Man X action figure and has all the bells and whistles a fan could hope for! Everything from cool, translucent blast effects, swappable face and hand parts, LED functionality in the X Buster and over 30 points of uniquely engineered articulation is featured on the iconic blue bomber.

MSRP: $79.99
September 2015

Furthermore, take particular note of the additional detailing that's been applied since we last saw the figure-- numerous additions have been made, including "Beware of Blast" warnings for his jump jets and a Maverick/Irregular Hunter insignia on his chest. For those curious, these aren't simply add-on decals; we've checked with Bluefin and learned that they are indeed a part of the actual figure.

To see more of the figure, head on over to their gallery on Facebook and get an eyeful.