Mega Man Zero 3 Hits Europe's Wii U Virtual Console This Week

It was just last week that we were here discussing the newly-announced Wii U Virtual Console release of Mega Man Battle Network (aka Rockman.EXE) 4: Blue Moon and Red Sun in Japan, as well as Europe having a slight lead on North America when it comes to the Mega Man Zero series.

As it so happens, that gap is about to get just a little bit wider, as Nintendo Life (by way of a tip from Vhyper1985) has revealed that among the many other Nintendo eShop releases coming to Europe this Thursday, the third installment of the Mega Man Zero series is among them.

Mega Man Zero 3 (Capcom, €6.99 / £6.29) - In the third chapter of the Mega Man Zero series, the robotic hero must again come to the aid of Neo Arcadia; this time when danger looms in the shape of a new, giant Reploid: Omega! Fortunately, Zero's arsenal is now even more powerful. New customisation chips replace the previous Form system, allowing you to combine chips to adapt to any situation, and the Cyber Elf system has also been overhauled. We'll bring you a review soon.

So good news for our fellow fans in Europe. Meanwhile, those of us across the pond are left to wonder when we'll see some new releases in our version of the Nintendo eShop. While most aren't usually announced until they actually happen, Capcom USA is often pretty good about hyping this sort of thing up. And with April just a week away, one is left to wonder if they're planning a Mega May to follow...