X-Plus Toys' X Plus-Sized Toy Up for Pre-Order

Wow, a bunch of tips came in on this one... hopefully there are still people left to read this who haven't already heard about it!

In the closing moments of 2014, we heard about a giant-sized Mega Man figure from X-Plus Toys, with pre-orders opening in January. Apparently they were not completely unaware of the synergy between the product and their company name, as they've now got a "Gigantic" series Mega Man X figure up for pre-order on AmiAmi. Check it out:

The 40cm (about 15 3/4 inches) figure comes with an extra swappable face, and won't be available until late June 2015. Of course, the images above are of a prototype version, so "the actual product may differ."

X will cost 9,504 JPY (about $79.90 USD), but by pre-ordering at AmiAmi here, you can get it for 7,480 JPY (about $62.31 USD), 21 percent off.

Thanks to Vhyper1985, Baph, Tsukumo, and anonymous for the tip!