Gunvolt is One Step Closer to Striking in Europe and Australia


Azure Striker Gunvolt was released late last year in Japan and North America, but folks in Europe and Australia have had to wait a bit more for its release in their regions. Fortunately, news today has revealed that they won't have to wait much longer!

Inti Creates has posted on their website an update that they've received ratings from all applicable rating agencies, including PEGI, and are now ready to proceed with the final steps needed towards releasing the title in the remaining regions.

As a first time publisher, we are going through all of the trials and tribulations of a worldwide release for the first time, and we appreciate you for sticking with us through all of this.
Releasing a game in Europe/Australia is a different beast from Japan and North America where you only need to have a rating approved by one agency and prepare the game in one language for each of those regions. Approvals from multiple rating agencies in different countries and localization in 5 different languages adds a lot of time to the process, as you can probably imagine.

They thank the fans for their patience as they proceed to what they call the "final stage" of making this game available to everyone.

Thanks for the tip, Vhyper1985!