New Tiers in TruForce Collectibles' Mega Man X Kickstarter

Recently, TruForce Collectibles announced the intentions of their Kickstarter to fund their previously-revealed Mega Man X figure. Following demand from the fans, they've now sweetened the pot.

Our last report not only showed off the figure, but also several tiers for backers with some nifty rewards, including t-shirts and prints featuring the new design of X. More appealing to some, however, was a second version of the figure in an exclusive "Test Armor Version" color scheme.

Apparently, this figure interested some of you a lot-- much more than some of the other rewards available on the way to getting it. Having heard the outcry, TruForce announced today that they have amended their Kickstarter page to feature two new tiers for those whose interest lies strictly with the figures themselves.

We have some exciting news we feel many of you will be happy to hear. We've officially introduced two new reward tiers that focus exclusively on the figures themselves! We've received a bunch of feedback about this topic and we want to give you (the fans who have the power to make this project a reality) the rewards you really want.

You can now receive the exclusive color variant on its own or you can get both figures only if you prefer.

We'd appreciate you spreading the word to all your friends who may have been on the fence about what reward tier to choose. We feel your options are much greater now and we hope to make our goal together soon!

The new $100 tier (add $15 for international backers due to shipping) will net you the Test Armor figure, while going to $180 will get you both figures.

If this (or just having received your end-of-the-month paycheck) has you ready to chip in, then you can do so right here. Currently, 576 backers have pledged $87,172 of the $200,000 goal, and there is still 27 days to go.