Inti Creates Announces Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

When I reviewed Azure Striker Gunvolt for the 11th issue of Nintendo Force magazine (which you can subscribe to for its third year right here), I concluded with the following statement:

Perhaps the way Gunvolt mirrors Mega Man the most is in that the first title is a good, solid action game which still shows room for improvement. But if the game manages to have its own "Mega Man 2," then the most outstanding stuff is yet to come.

Now it appears that theory will be put to the test, as Inti Creates announced via the official Gunvolt Twitter account and their Facebook that a sequel is indeed on the way to the Nintendo 3DS.

Little other information is available at this time, however. A website is in place, but as of this writing, it's unfortunately down due to an "Error establishing a database connection." Despite this, Get Me Off the Moon was fortunate enough to nab the image of a new character, seen at right.

Naturally, as more information becomes available, we'll be sure to strike!

Thanks to Vhyper1985 and robertozampari for the tips!