TruForce Kickstarter Update: Fully Funded, Ride Chaser Illustration, More

It's been a little while since we last checked in with TruForce Collectibles and their Kickstarter to help produce that cool premium Mega Man X figure. Fortunately, good news is afoot!

First and foremost, the biggest news of all is that the project is now 100 percent fully funded! ...and then some, in fact! There are three days left to go, which altogether means not only that this figure is happening, but you still have time to get in on the exclusive color variant action if you haven't already.

In related news: Regarding the Ride Chaser illustration promised as a reward for one of the backer tiers, TruForce says that it is still being worked on and Capcom doesn't want to reveal it until it's ready, which should be around mid-March.

Then, about a week back, Brand Manager Jason Kasan appeared on the Disk Read Error podcast to talk about the X figure, TruForce Collectibles, and the collectibles industry as a whole. You can find that here, with Kasan's part beginning around the 18:20 mark.

Finally, TruForce appeared with X at the recently-wrapped New York Toy Fair with a more updated (but sadly not-yet colored-- that version wasn't approved in time for the show) version of the prototype, now featuring the diecast metal parts in the torso, legs, and feet. They note that they "received tremendous feedback from exhibitors, retailers, guests and press alike."

You can find some high-res images of their exhibit right here.

As always, we'll keep you informed of any further developments!