Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 4: Finale

First we had our three blue heroes (plus a stick-slingin' badger), then we saw an egg roller, Shellcore warrior, fantasy fighter, and a hero who is simply Viewtiful. Yesterday brought us a goddess, a demon, a Nightmaren, and a beast rider from the distant past. That brings us today, where we learn the final identities of the Capcom and SEGA franchises participating in Archie's "Worlds Unite."

Posted on IGN this morning was the following image:

Rounding out the "Worlds Unite" roster today are SEGA's Vyse from Skies of Arcadia and Base Wing from Panzer Dragoon, with the Capcom side completed by the presence of the monstrous Gore Magala from Monster Hunter 4 and Ryu, the champion Street Fighter.

Ryu won't be the only one representing his series, however, as according to Editor Paul Kaminski, "Chun-Li and all your favorite characters of the action-packed world of Street Fighter" are in as well.

"But wait," you might be saying. "I thought UDON Entertainment had the license for Street Fighter! What's going on?!"

The Mega Man Network reached out to UDON Director of Publishing Matt Moylan, who told us:

UDON isn't involved in the project so we don't know exactly what Archie has planned. But Capcom did ask us ahead of time if we mind that some SF characters might cameo in Archie's story, just to make sure it doesn't interfere with UDON's own plans and nobody's toes get stepped on. We told them "no problem on our end, there are plenty of Hadokens to go around!"

Of the new inclusions, "Worlds Unite" writer Ian Flynn had this to say to IGN:

Skies of Arcadia is one of my favorite games! It has action, adventure, humor, dire world-spanning stakes, and a cast of utterly endearing pirates. I was delighted to have a chance to have Vyse show up in our Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed story, and I'm even more thrilled to feature the whole crew this time around. They don't overshadowed, of course, the most awesome flying rail shooter to grace the consoles - Panzer Dragoon. And what really needs to be said about Street Fighter and Monster Hunter? One is practically the foundation for all modern fighting games and lives on with Street Fighter V on the way. And the other pits you against massive beasts as training fodder so you can maybe survive long enough to hunt down awe-inspiring boss monsters. New and old, continuing or cherished, they're all legendary games that we want more of!

That pretty much wraps up this week of reveals, and leaves one big question: Are you hyped yet?

"The biggest crossover event EVER to hit Archie Action Comics" begins this May in the pages of Sonic Universe #76.