Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 3: Dreams, Nightmares, and Those In-Between

It's Day 3 of Archie's ongoing reveal of who we can expect to see in what's looking less and less like Mega Man and Sonic and more and more like Capcom and SEGA: Worlds Unite.

Once more, IGN has the scoop as they've pulled back the curtain on four more characters/franchises who get to represent in this most epic of crossovers:

Writer Ian Flynn sets the stage for the new reveals' place in the story:

On the one hand we've got two iconic franchises on opposite ends of the timeline. Golden Axe was one of the first major SEGA hits and is a classic for its arcade-y action and crazy visuals. NiGHTS into Dreams is comparatively newer, even more psychedelic, and stands out as one of the premier titles of the SEGA Saturn era. On the other hand we've got a Capcom classic and a newer masterpiece. Ghosts 'n Goblins is one of those games that set the bar for all others to reach for in terms of quality and gameplay. Frustrating, hair-tearing gameplay - but we love it for its difficulty. And then you have Okami that transcends gaming and becomes 'art' in its own right.

Still more remains to be revealed-- eight characters/franchises in all, if we were to bet on it. Those will undoubtedly be revealed over the next two days, and you can count on us to bring you the latest.

Edit: Lucky for us we're not betting people. According to Ian Flynn himself on Twitter, there are only four reveals remaining.