Mega Man Board Game Updates with Colored Game Pieces, Art

Jasco Games has been garnering a fair bit of headline space here on the Network lately, mostly with stories about the Mega Man portion of their Universal Fighting System collectible card game. Today, however, is something different.


Ironically, where as they were hoping to discuss the issues of delays and the approval process from Capcom that they are faced with, they instead wound up receiving back samples of the product in question! So while their story of approvals will wait for another day, they've shown off what the Capcom licensing agent (who just happened to be in town) got to see.

Minatures aplenty!

It's interesting to see people's reaction on projects. It's always something to see a computer rendered picture, it's another to actually hold it in your hand.  To quote Capcom: "The quality of the Mega Man figures were amazing."  They finally were able to see in their hands what we were trying to do, and said that the level of detail was more than they imagined. Both reps immediately pulled out their phones and asked to take pictures.
The extra benefits is that we were able to talk production and schedule.  They said that they're going to do everything that they can to help us get this out as soon as possible. 

These color sample photos are hand-painted, for the record, and very close up, with the American quarter placed there as a means of giving a sense of scale, with the "thumbs up" Mega Man standing at 4cm and Yellow Devil at 10cm. "These samples are for color placement," notes the update, "and therefore when it's finally gotten the color tooling finished, the lines will be sharper."

To see the close-ups of everyone, including the original six Robot Masters, their two Powered Up colleagues, Mega Man, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Proto Man, and everyone else, as well as some of the graphics which have been approved, check out their Kickstarter update here. Also, please keep in mind that this is the first/only time a lot of these characters have had any sort of mass-produced physical representation ever.

Thanks for the tip, Michael S!

News Source: Kickstarter, via Nintendo Life, Destructoid