Shipping Announcement for UFS Mega Man: Rise of the Masters Cards

It was only a few days ago when we posted about the latest news in the world of the Universal Fighting System's Mega Man line from Jasco Games, and we've since received an update regarding the status of the core set cards' shipment.

The box poses the interesting question of whether spamming the Metal Blade will be as effective here as in the games.

We have finished up final approvals, and the product is now on a ship in Shanghai with an expected departure date of February 20th. That's tomorrow :D!!!! (Or rather, three days ago. --Ed.)
After the boat arrives in LAX, we are told to expect at least a 10-day hold due to the West Coast Port Strike. Once the product is released from the port, it'll be on its way to our Las Vegas warehouse.
We're handling the release date very cautiously, so we appreciate your patience. We'll be announcing it shortly.

The notice urges you to pre-order now if you haven't done so already, as time is running out.