Do You Have the Guts for Super Throwing Warrior! Nagerunder?

Guts! Do you have it?

Actually, it's not so much guts as it is Guts Man's trademark Power Arm which is likened as the inspiration behind a new Nintendo 3DS title (but not a "New Nintendo 3DS" title, so far as we know) in Japan known as "Super Throwing Warrior! Nagerunder." Check out the trailer:

Silver Star Japan's game certainly wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Complete with a 20XX setting, Super Throwing Warrior! Nagerunder features a style reminiscent of some Japanese children's animation and a title which feels like an allusion to Ruby Spears' Mega Man cartoon of the 90's.

However, while Siliconera notes that this hero's method of taking down the Black Halas organization is "kind of like Guts Man’s ability from the original Mega Man mixed with aiming system from the Yoshi’s Island games," the throwing action seems a bit more well-rounded than what we've seen from DLN-004, perhaps with a hint of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers thrown in and the ability to catch thrown objects for combos.

The game is available now in Japan for 500 yen, but there doesn't seem to be word of any plans for a western release. You can see more from the game on Silver Star's homepage, though.

Thanks to robertozampari for the tip!