Rockman & Forte Coming to Japanese Virtual Console

By way of Siliconera, Capcom of Japan has an interesting bit of news for Wii U owners.

February 18th will mark the release of Rockman & Forte for the Virtual Console. However, despite the fact that the system can and does run Super Famicom/Super NES games, it is the Game Boy Advance version of the title that will be released.

Naturally, this is a very curious move. While we can sort of understand if Capcom USA were to only release the GBA version of the game, as that was the only way it was released in North America, it's very odd that Japan would stick with-- for the time being, at least-- only releasing what is widely regarded as the inferior version of the game, due to its much smaller screen size which reduces visibility.

In any case, with a Japanese release coming in about a week's time, one can imagine that a North American release of Mega Man & Bass is all but inevitable (though if it were up to us, they'd just apply the English translation to the Super Famicom version and release that instead).

On a slightly related note, The Sonic Stadium notes that Mega Man's Bot-Busting Brother of Blue will see a Virtual Console release of Sonic Advance on that very same day. Unlike Rockman & Forte, that game was actually made for Nintendo's handheld.

Source: Capcom Retro, by way of Siliconera