Mega Man amiibo Release Info(?) and Discussion

The moment we've been waiting for is finally nigh... or is it?

That's kind of the kicker here... I'm really not sure. Some sites are saying that the Mega Man amiibo, based on the Blue Bomber's portrayal in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U and seen in package at right, will finally be released in North America on February 20th. Other people are telling me their local Toys R Us store's employees are saying that they'll be in store this Friday, February 13th-- whether that's a release date, or it simply correlates with other sources saying that Wave 3 and beyond have no street date and can be sold at any time is anyone's guess. In one case, the Toys R Us was reportedly receiving six for pre-order fulfillment and four for everyone else.

Meanwhile, as while GameStop retains the original February 20th release date, is saying that they're delayed until March 6th, though Matthew Green from Press The Buttons tells me he received notification that they shipped his today.

One might think Nintendo's official website for the product would be of some help, but nope; it just gives the vague "February 2015" release date. The partners they link to don't clear up much, either: Best Buy's website, which is sold out already, seems to stand by the February 20th release date, but to hear Target's website (the only other one Nintendo themselves link to) tell it, the Mega Man amiibo was released on February 1st (and they're out of stock online, too).

If I understand Forbes correctly, though, it's already available in Europe-- though they may just be speaking of Wave 3 in general, which is apparently being released in smaller chunks in North America.

As many can tell you, this seems to all be par for the course for trying to acquire virtually any amiibo but the most widely-ordered characters. Therefore, advice on what to do or where to go is rather hard to give at this point, and that's where I'm turning it over to you: If you have any insight into this, want to offer sightings, or anything else related to getting a Mega Man amiibo, feel free to discuss it in the thread below.

Just note that I'm probably not updating this post with anything unless it's really big, as keeping track of it all will likely be a nightmare and a half.

Thanks to Michael S., Shinkuu, Adam W., and Matthew Green for their help!