D-Arts Zero Type 2 Returning for a Second Run!

D-Arts? Or Figuarts? It depends on when the figure came out, it seems.

Anyway, did you miss the Type 2 Zero D-Arts figure the first time it came around? And do aftermarket prices make you want to cry? Then have we got good news for you!

Thanks to a hot tip from ZEROmaverick, we have word that BigBadToyStore has posted a pre-order page for a reissue of the Ripping Red Rocker of 21XX (yes, we're going with that) in his most popular form! Zero will be on his way to give your X figure a hand or take one from Vile in June 2015.

And the price? Well, you can tell the folks on Amazon charging nearly $90 for the figure to suck on the business end of the Z-Saber, because BigBadToyStore's price is a mere $33.99-- just a bit over a third of the Amazon reseller price!

We're assuming that this isn't somehow exclusive to BigBadToyStore, and that other retailers will be getting it as well, if it is a true reissue and not just some unopened box they found in a warehouse (why wait until June, then?). What prices they'll have, however, are anyone's guess right now.

To pre-order, just visit BigBadToyStore's page right here. Let's hope this means more reissues will become available, too-- still looking for a Type 1 Zero here.

On a related note, if you're curious about D-Arts Mega Man figures in general, please check out my previous reviews, and know that the Mega Man Zero review will be along once I can secure a place to record the video!

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