Fan Game Friday - 12/4/15

Wrapping things up this week, I received several tips on Twitter about different fan games which have cropped up over the last several months, but have not been featured here.

First up is "Mega Man Coop and Versus 1.0" by Mafoosh, which comes to us by way of @MegaManSource:

This game not only features a co-op mode which allows Mega Man and Proto Man to arm themselves with a number of Robot Master weapons, but also a competitive fighting mode and level editor. In addition to classic Mega Man tiles, enemies, and music, there are all-new ones added to the mix as well! It gives off a certain "Wily Tower" vibe, but in 8-bit style and with more options.

Also from @MegaManSource is the following video of "Mega Man 3 Endless Mode."

In addition to a Mega Man 9/10-styled Endless Mode built around the third game in the series, there are also further downloads for Endless Modes for Mega Man 2, Mega Man 4, and Mega Man 5.

For further information and download links, just click on the title of each video above and check the description on their respective pages.

Finally, we have an update from Handre de Jager himself on his Unreal Engine remake of Mega Man 3, which we've reported on here previously. New to this version is the inclusion of Gemini Man himself and more:

This time, he has a running commentary to explain what changes he's made from previous iterations and from the original game, such as the annoying tendency of energy items to not respawn after an untimely demise.

According to de Jager, "this might turn into a full fan game, but right now I'm just doing it for fun and experience."

That's all for now, but if you know of any other fan games which could use some extra exposure here, or just have any other Mega Man-related tips, drop me a line here or at at and I'll be sure to give it a look!