Mega Man Makes AVGN's Advent Calendar of Bad Box Art

The Angry Video Game Nerd and Mega Man don't tend to cross paths very often. Though he has been known to deviate on rare occasion, his shtick is largely that he looks at the worst that video gaming has to offer, and responds accordingly. Meanwhile, even the worst games Mega Man has to offer are still by and large leagues above the worst the business as a whole has churned out; they may fall short where the franchise is concerned, but as bad games are concerned, they're scarcely even a drop in the bucket.

Yes, including that "well, what about...?" one you're thinking of.

Despite this, however, there is one area in which Mega Man is not only a contender, but a legend: bad box art. And this is where the Nerd has turned his Not Safe For Work ire as he counts down to Christmas with the worst video game box art of all time:

To his credit, the AVGN could have easily knocked out several spots on his calendar with Mega Man art alone, but he didn't do that. Rather, he's covered a broader swathe here, looking at several games from the Nintendo Entertainment System library, including the European versions, and even on to what they later inspired.

The only question remaining is "why was it the second one on the list?" I would have expected him to get it out of the way first, or build up to it as an inevitable conclusion, but neither is the case. Second on the list is such an odd place for something that feels so inevitably predictable in its inclusion.