Archie's Mega Man: Truly Over or Simply on Hiatus?

From the time Mega Man #53 was announced, there has been a murky cloud of uncertainty hanging over the heads of the series' fans.'s headline said the series was over, but the accompanying interview said it was only going away for a while. The solicit said that the series was ending, but Archie's Twitter was adamant that the book was only going on hiatus, yet interviews and the issue itself gave a very strong sense of finality.

Once more, we have an implication that the series is well and truly over as Archie mailed the following letter to subscribers with the 55th issue of the Blue Bomber's adventures:

"Last issue of this series." Granted, there is a bit of wiggle-room there for the optimistic, such as the possibility of a new series starting up in the future. Either way, it seems all we can do right now is to hope for the best.

Thanks to Erico and MaverickIndigo for the info!