Make Your Mega Mii Fighters Picture Perfect with QR Codes

During the recent Nintendo Direct “Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U – Final Video Presentation," several new Mii Fighter costumes were revealed to be available now and coming soon. And while none of these were Mega Man-related, there was an update about the previously-released Mega Man Mii Fighter costumes that may interest fans.

"By the way, Mii Fighters we showed in the past sometimes look like they have faces similar to the original characters in the intro videos and screenshots. On the official website, we have QR Code patterns for some of these characters. If you download the Mii characters through these, you can create pretty solid look-alike fighters. So please use them if you're interested."

For the sake of preserving these patterns (and since it's not unreasonable to assume some of you may just now be getting Super Smash Bros. over the holidays), I've elected to mirror them here. Check 'em out:

Proto Mii

Mega Mii X


And of course, Miiro.