New Rockman.EXE Plushes Headed to Japan

Outside of the periodic Virtual Console release (and even those are about to dry up before long), Rockman.EXE and the world of NetNavis haven't seen a lot of action as of late. However, that's about to change come February 2016 -- at least, on the merchandise front.

Four plush toys based on the hit aughts Game Boy Advance series, cartoon show, and manga have been spotted on Hobby Stock, produced by San'ei in time for the series' 15th anniversary in March. In case you're wondering what the difference between the first two are, the one on the left represents a larger toy/price point, while Rockman in the middle and Blue represent a smaller size/price, and the Mettaur is yet another smaller size/price still.

The large Rockman, which measures in at W23×D16×H38cm, is 6,264 yen (roughly $51.70 USD), but Hobby Stock (as of this writing) is letting it go for 5,011 yen/$41.36 USD, 20 percent off. The Blues and Rockman in the middle measure W18×D14×H29cm and W17×D14×H30cm, respectively, and both go for 4,104 yen/$33.87, with Hobby Stock knocking 20 percent off to bring it to 3,283 yen/$27.10 USD. Finally, the Mettaur measures in at W17×D13×H16.5cm and normally goes for 2,160 yen/$17.83 USD, with HS dropping it by 20 percent to 1,728 yen/$14.26 USD.

For more pics of each item, click their respective link above.

Thanks to Midori for the tip!