Fan Game Friday: Mega Man Gets Virtually Real for 28th Anniversary

PhD Computer Science student Jeric Bryle Dy tipped me off to a little video he made to celebrate Mega Man's 28th anniversary. I'd say more, but the video speaks for itself.

Check it out, but be warned that the music comes in at a much lower volume than the sound effects.

In case anyone is confused (and I hope I have this right): the big picture is basically what everything looks like in the game world, the lower-left window is what the player sees, and the lower-right window is what's actually happening in the real world of the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment.

This demonstration took two to three weeks of Dy's time, working nights and weekends, to complete. "It was fun to play inside the C.A.V.E., you'll really feel that you're there fighting with a giant robot!" he notes on his website. "Not only that, you get to see your creation come to life!"

Can you imagine -- with Oculus Rift, Sony VR, and other such technology picking up steam -- playing a full Mega Man game, Legends or otherwise, like this? The full C.A.V.E. setup might be a bit expensive, but just the same, it looks like something to experience!

To see more of Dy's Mega Man Legends work, check out his YouTube Channel here.