Winter is Coming; Warm Up with an 8-Bit Mega Man Quilt!

The harsh cold of winter's winds will soon be upon us, but how can the dedicated Mega Man fan stay warm? By thinking warm thoughts while replaying Fire Man's level? By experimenting with the concept of Atomic Fire in the comfort of your own home (not recommended)?

Sure, those are possibilities, but there is a simpler way, an easier way.

On Etsy, "The Quiltinator" has taken to sewing handmade quilts featuring classic 8-bit Mega Man characters, such as this Proto Man quilt made for her husband:

I sew all my free standing pieces in rag style (cut and sewn right on top, fraying the edges once washed). On this particular quilt, if you don't like the frayed edges I can do the full quilt in 8-bit style.

Mega Man, Bass, and any other Robot Master are on the table for custom orders. Get a Bomb Man for your bedroom! A Crash Man for your couch! A Shadow Man for your sleepover! A Gravity Man as a gift! The possibilities are nearly endless (or close enough for our purposes)!

To learn more and order one of your own, just click here to go to The Quiltintaor's Etsy page.