Get Azure Striker Gunvolt for Half-Off

Have you not yet tried Inti Creates' Nintendo 3DS action title Azure Striker Gunvolt? Perhaps you've simply been waiting for the right moment, the right price, the right sale? If so, then Black Friday is your day!

Whether your preference is Steam or the good ol' Nintendo 3DS, you can now purchase this title from either source for half the normal price! Both the Nintendo eShop and Steam Store have the game on sale for $7.50 USD until Wednesday, December 2nd.

Er, I think.

Nintendo says their sale lasts until Wednesday, December 2 at 8:59 a.m. PT, and while the official Gunvolt Twitter gives a less specific "December 2nd," the Steam page itself says December 1st, so be forewarned.

If you're going the Steam route, however, the game isn't all that's on sale! The Azure Striker Gunvolt Official Soundtrack and Azure Phosphorescence albums are also half-off at $4.99 USD each, while Mighty Gunvolt is $2.49 USD instead of the usual $5.

This is what they're selling; now, who is buying?