Zero is First 4 Figures' Second Mega Man X Series Statue

First 4 Figures has been busy at work with their line of high-end collectible statues based on the characters from the Mega Man franchise. Following the original Blue Bomber and Proto Man from the Classic series and X from the Mega Man X branch, they've now revealed their next subject: Zero, circa 21XX.

From their website:

Zero is fearsome robot designed and built by the late Dr. Wily as his most advanced creation ever, designed specifically to outclass any other robot of the time, including the original Megaman. Due to an initial flaw in Zero’s programming, he proved to be a dangerous and unpredictable machine, refusing to follow his creator’s orders, leading to him being locked away. Following a brutal battle with Sigma upon reawakening, Zero was brought under control, and now fights as a formidable member of the Maverick Hunters alongside X.

There are two versions of the figure -- the exclusive version, shown above, with light-up features all over the statue, including the base, Z Buster barrel, Z Saber's hilt, and the crystals on his helmet and chest, possibly a few more such as the gold detail on his belt and the inner-pieces of his "ears" and ankle armor. This one goes for $299.99 with an initial payment of $20 USD.

Then we have the regular version, which goes for $259.99 with a $20 USD initial payment.

Light-up features aside, this is otherwise identical to the exclusive version in that they both measure in 1/5 scale at 17 inches tall and are made from high-quality polystone resin that is hand-painted. Both versions also feature an interchangeable hand which allows the crimson Maverick Hunter to wield either his trusty Z Buster or signature Z Saber. They also feature full-color packaging with a hand-numbered base and registration card that will allow you to get the same number on future statues in the series.

The regular edition will be limited to a run of 1,000 pieces worldwide, while the exclusive edition's run has yet to be determined (they say it will be set two weeks after this reveal). Both are due in the third quarter of 2016. Many more images of each version at their respective links above.

Oh, and "images are representative only and final product may vary," which leads in nicely to their follow-up post on Facebook from an hour after the reveal:

As you know we're always listening - noticed some comments on Zero's neck - that will be updated to the the correct joint colour. There was also comments on the face i.e with closed mouth and more pointy chin - please take a look at the image and see the original on the top and the updated version on the bottom. If enough people prefer the updated, please let us know and we'll change. If not, it will stay as it is now.

Finally, if you'd rather be in it to win it, First 4 Figures is holding a raffle contest on their Facebook page to win one of these statues, and you can find it right here.